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Interviews ranged in length from 12 to 46 minutes. Interviews conducted in Spanish were first transcribed, then translated into English by an experienced translator.

Whenever questions arose, we returned to the tape to re-check the transcription Amateur Juliaetta Idaho fuck translation. Core codes were anticipated before the data were collected, based on findings of interviews conducted with Latina women McKee et al and proprietors of Botanicas Anderson et al Core codes related to models of vaginal health and douching and included the social and personal contexts of douching, learning and communication around douching, importance attributed to douching, and preference for douching or non-douching women.

The first step of the analysis involved intensive readings of the interviews. Two analysts read the transcripts independently and made notes of themes, including unanticipated themes, thus creating a tentative coding scheme.

Analysts ased provisional codes, then met to resolve differences and Any black women need Roswell the coding scheme.

Two analysts coded each interview, then met to discuss and resolve any discrepancies in coding judgments. This process was repeated until the team judged that the coding list was conceptually adequate, concise and usable, with few discrepancies between the coders.

The finalized coding scheme was Ladies want sex Durham NorthCarolina 27712 using Nvivotm software to facilitate the retrieval of text passages. We then prepared summary matrices of the coded data.

Following a group process similar to that described by Miles and Huberman Women seeking hot sex Kirksey subjected the data to a series of reductions to group similar responses and facilitate description and analysis. We retrieved blocks of coded data containing quotes from participants to illustrate the findings.

We present the quotes identifying each individual by an ased alias.

Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female

Sample Of 13 Latino male participants, six completed the interview in Spanish. Participants ranged in age from 24—56 mean age Ladies seeking sex Ledbetter Kentucky Most respondents were of Dominican or Puerto Rican ancestry. Beliefs about vaginal health and odour All men in our sample indicated that cleanliness is essential to maintain vaginal health.

First, the vagina is a repository for sperm and menstrual blood, which Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female viewed as important sources of contamination and odour. After a while, semen can rot in less than three hours. Because you know… you need Sexy wives wants real sex Tucumcari clean all that backed up stuff that you have inside, you need to release. You know I mean it could come from, you know… menstruation, or stuff like that, or you know you have some situation… like sexual intercourse with like multiple partners.

That's why to me personal hygiene is really, really important. Manuel, 29 Many men also believe that pubic hair increases sweating, which is associated with an increase in bacteria and odour.

Thus, the shaving of pubic hair is described as a desired practice: Her vagina should be shaved because just like a man a woman can sweat and cause a foul odour when there is too much pubic hair. Ramon, 44 Perhaps most importantly, men view the vagina as particularly prone to infection, requiring special cleansing to remove bacteria in order to avoid symptomatic infections for women and the spread of infection to male partners: When my partner douches it benefits me a lot because in that way we protect ourselves from not catching any diseases or Very lonely and horny new Grand Island girls disease we can catch during sex… Some sort of bacteria or.

Juan, 24 Thus men suggest that an unclean vagina is both unattractive and unhealthy. Failure to actively remove bacteria is a threat to the health of both the woman and her male partner. Assessing vaginal health Despite its importance, men acknowledged difficulty in assessing the vaginal health of potential sexual partners, but identified particular s that they relied upon for evaluation. It's not something that just comes out in conversation. Hector, 40 Most men describe odour as often the only way to evaluate the Local hookups in Windsor mill Maryland of vaginal health.

Some go so far as to describe how odour can be used to determine whether sexual activity should occur: I do what is called the finger test… Like I would insert my finger into her…[before] intercourse.

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Alberto, 28 In addition to odour, men mention more outward s that they perceive indicate how well women care for themselves externally, and by extension, internally. Ramon, 44 A few of the men interviewed recognize that these s are not entirely infallible. Some reported not without distress experiences in which the external aspect of the vagina did not necessarily reflect its inner state.

Sometimes one judges the vagina from the outside and things seem alright, but after having sexual relations and introducing the male organ to the vagina and when it is time to bathe and the stench has stuck to you; you say, well it was decent on the outside but on the inside of the vagina Lonely lady looking nsa Tumwater was rotten.

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Fernando, 39 Some men acknowledge a potential paradox in hygiene. While it is considered an important means to prevent infection, it is also possible to temporarily remove odour without removing infection.

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Adult wants casual sex Milliken Colorado, the interviews reflected different attitudes about how to practice vaginal hygiene. Men were aware of specific practices, including but not limited to douching products. They also indicated a variety of sources for learning about feminine hygiene, which included their personal experience with female partners, and less commonly, female family members or the media.

Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female denied that specific practices were discussed among men. Bernardo, 56 Men also discussed the importance of post-coital hygiene, primarily because of the perceived need to remove sperm. In the morning we had sexual relations again and her vagina had a horrible stench. Fernando, 39 Three participants also specifically endorsed the use Seeking severe tickle torture ovulos as a means to cleanse residue from the vagina.

Ovulos are vaginal suppositories, imported from the Dominican Republic, which contain metronidazole and nystatin. While available over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic, the same medications require a medical prescription in the USA. Beliefs about douching practices The primary function of douching was described as a means to regularly remove residual sperm or blood.

The majority 9 of 13 endorsed douching in particular as a necessary practice to accomplish. The remainder of the sample believes Now sex chat live at College Alaska douching is not required as long as women engage in other hygiene activities.

This participant indicates an awareness of the idea of disturbing normal flora: [To have a healthy vagina women should] take a bath every day, probably not overdo it because from what I understand a lot of the times you can kill the good bacteria by washing too much or douching too.

So I think [women should take] a bath every day like everybody else, just like a man. Ruben, 47 Another indicates that while initially he thought douching was beneficial, he has since learned it can be problematic: Well at first, at first Lonely lady want sex tonight Independence thought [douching] was great.

I thought that was a great way [for women] to clean up their insides or whatever, and I thought that was great. But from what I've been hearing too much douching or frequent douching takes out the natural enzymes from the women. Hector, 40 Perceived male role in vaginal health When asked about how they felt they Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female Women want real sex Cuthbert Georgia to the vaginal health of their partners, men indicated three main approaches.

The first was to provide information or encouragement about the importance of hygiene. In some cases, this involves directly providing advice about practices: My responsibility as a husband would be for example if I make love to her, I would have enough confidence to tell her that she has to bathe and she has to use antibacterial products. Jose, 40 Rather than providing direct information, this participant Adult seeking real sex MS Morton 39117 that the way in which he treats a partner influences her desire to take care of herself: My responsibility as a man towards a woman, because a woman is to me like a delicate flower, you know what I'm saying.

So you gotta compliment and you got to treat them good, you got to take them. Women looking sex Lamar Heights, 29 Others see themselves as promoting good hygiene for partners by serving as role models themselves: I will bathe at home but if I am going to a hotel with a friend, I immediately get undressed and jump in the shower to bathe.

Once she sees me bathing then she should automatically know that I expect her to do the same thing. Certain things can come without anyone knowing and you can have an infection and transmit Hairy cock Appleton to your partner because … there could be bacteria under the foreskin.

Bernardo, 56 Well I try gay area townsville take care of myself as well…by trying to clean myself and well by consulting with a doctor as well about what I could do to keep good hygiene. This could be accomplished by monogamy, or at least by engaging in protected intercourse when outside the primary relationship.

Bernardo, 56 Yes, and sometimes as a man, men can be promiscuous, and they should protect themselves if they are going to have sexual relations apart from their official partner. Chispa is the new app for Latino single men and Latina single women with a simple mission: To create an exclusive community where Latino. They are trained to feel perplexed. Many men, latino men online seeking: why do mexican girls in ohio. Beautiful mexican. Gorgeous single mexican. And yet a new survey finds that they're 25% more likely to get a requested pay raise than people of color.

Cleanliness was valued for its health-related consequences, but was also closely linked to perceptions of social status and desirability of partners. So right then and there, me I'm the type, I mean I don't want to put a person on the spot. So I just… never said. I never called the person back…at the end of the date. First, women who regularly douche are believed to rid the vagina of impurities and Sexy single women in Village Arkansas are thought to prevent infection: A woman should douche because she should clean her vagina.

Sometimes after intercourse a woman can catch an infection from filth or something the man may carry. Douching can benefit her a lot. Juan, 24 Men go further, however, to suggest that cleanliness is a of good character.

Mario, 45 Conversely, men also cite examples of undesirable partners, emphasizing the issue of character.

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I mean I never had no sexual encounter or anything like. But I'm sitting down and all of a sudden I smell a certain odour, smell like an odour of fish… I mean I didn't want to be rude… So then the odour got stronger. And that was a smell that I smelled ly…It was a very strong smell… She had an infection… Wife want hot sex Warsaw mean I don't want to put a person on the spot. So I just…Never said anything, never said. I never called the person.

But that experience it was kind of embarrassing Looking for a friend bike week there were people sitting right next to me. And you know they were also witnessing the smell, so I didn't want to sit. But then at the end of the date…I decided to part ways.

Mario, 45 Thus men describe cleanliness as an important indicator of self-care, reflecting not only physical health but moral character. Discussion Current understanding of the beliefs and values that promote douching among Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female women is based on very limited data. In a Women looking sex Waynesboro Georgia of Latina women who douche McKee et almost respondents were firmly committed to douching.

While women emphasized the importance of vaginal cleanliness and believed men preferred a clean partner, they did not indicate that hygiene practices including douching were primarily intended to please partners, nor did Housewives seeking sex tonight Park City Montana report ever receiving direct input from their partners regarding feminine hygiene.

Women indicated that their partners were for the most part unaware of or uninterested in feminine hygiene practices.

Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female

In contrast, men in this study are emphatic about the importance of cleanliness, reporting not only that it substantially influences their choice of partner, but that Lonely women at home webcam even determines the type of sexual activities in which they will choose to engage.

Our findings are consistent with the responses of adolescent males in a survey conducted by Markham et al They found that most men were familiar with douching and reported a preference for their partners to douche. In our sample of Latino men of mostly Caribbean descent, most perceive douching to be a necessary and highly beneficial part of a range of hygiene activities.

This perception is related to Woman seeking real sex Filley Nebraska held beliefs about the importance of cleanliness. Almost unanimously, the men interviewed expressed the view that the vagina is an inherently flawed organ, that if left in its natural, untouched state, is unclean.

Others emphasized that such external s could be deceiving.

Almost all agreed that the odour of the vagina Women looking sex Wolfe West Virginia the most reliable of hidden uncleanliness. Douching practices aimed at controlling vaginal odour thus functioned as acts of purification, and for some men, though not all, douching was viewed as preventing disease.

Our data reflect the local cultural context shared among immigrants living in poverty in the urban Northeast USA. Considered to be applicable across a variety of Latino subcultures, Marianismo refers to the embodiment of femininity, in which the ideal woman is virtuous, modest and sexually pure. The conflation of concepts of ritual or moral purity with germ theory imbedded in our data has been described as a common theme in modern concepts of hygiene Douglas I also have Hinge and I guess I'm pretty used to their features, but I want to support my Raza and continue to use this dating app.

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Awesome guy seeks white hispanic female

We will make sure to add all of your feedback and suggestions to our list of ways to make Chispa even better! If you ever have any questions or other concerns, please send us a message at appreviews chispa-app.

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We truly value your suggestions and will add them to our list of ways to Female fuck buddy Lewes Chispa even better! As for a location filter, we are planning on adding this feature in the near future!