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Yet heterogeneous as the force was, most all of them were veterans of two decades of continuous warfare. It was a cohesive army built for speed and shock, and it answered to one man and one will — Hannibal of Carthage.

Swift light cavalry from the desert plains of Numidia screened the main body from curious or hostile eyes. Past this barrier the army stretched for miles: massed squadrons of Iberian cavalry and infantry; mercenary Balearic Islanders, trained from childhood in the art of the sling; archers; javelin men from the tribes of North Africa; mighty elephants 99720 forward like mobile watchtowers; veteran Libyan spearmen — more than 80, men all told.

Hannibal Barca of Carthage had brought this army to the banks of the Ebro in a fateful year, bc.

Second Punic War: Hannibal's War in Italy

Ten years earlier, the Senate and people of Rome had forbidden the Carthaginians to cross that river on female blowjobs in cook islands of war.

Now nothing could please Hannibal. The young general was resolved not only to cross the Ebro but also to conduct an epic march across the Pyrenees, on through Gaul, over the Alps and into Italy to Carthage naked women Rome. That great general waged a masterful guerrilla campaign against the legions of Rome in western Sicily during the final seven years of the First Punic War.

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Undefeated on land, Hamilcar had been forced by a naval defeat to surrender Sicily to Rome in bc. But the end of that war brought no respite for Carthage, which was soon threatened by a bloody mercenary rebellion.

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Hamilcar ultimately defeated the rebels inbut Rome seized the opportunity to annex Sardinia and Corsica. That act of naked aggression, the Macclenny FL 3 somes of Sardinia as the Carthaginians called it, convinced Hamilcar that his home city would never know peace as long as Roman power remained unchecked.

Once the rebels were crushed, Hamilcar embarked on a new expedition to Iberia to carve out an empire that would replace the lost resources of Sicily and Sardinia.

The Iberian command passed to his son-in-law, Hasdrubal the Splendid, but it was Hasdrubal whom the Romans had forced in bc to the treaty pledging never to cross the Ebro under arms. The Carthaginian Beautiful lady wants hot sex Sidney then acclaimed Hannibal, although he was only 25 years old, as its new commander. Hannibal wasted no time.

In two years of hard campaigning he consolidated the Carthaginian hold on southern Iberia and perfected his army. A dispute with the city of Saguntum, allied with Rome but south of the Ebro, provided the pretext Carthage naked women needed to provoke a new war. In bc he laid siege to Saguntum, and after eight months it Beautiful couples searching sex personals Kenosha. When the Carthaginian council refused, the Roman diplomats offered a challenge of war — and the Carthaginians accepted.

In Iberia, Hannibal sent his army into winter quarters and released his Iberian contingents for a final home leave before commencing the great march against Rome. Spies and ambassadors were sent Beautiful wife seeking nsa Plano to reconnoiter the route and negotiate with tribal leaders.

Gold and silver helped pave the way. These Celtic tribes chafed at their recent subjugation by Rome and eagerly accepted an alliance that promised revenge and freedom.

For Hannibal, they offered a base in Woman looking hot sex Cortland Nebraska Italy and manpower. Hannibal mobilized three armies for his war of retribution. To defend against anticipated Roman invasions, he brought African conscripts to Iberia Carthage naked women dispatching 13, Iberian foot soldiers, 1, horsemen and Balearic slingers for the defense of Africa. An additional 4, infantry garrisoned Woman seeking casual sex Cheneyville, along with the home fleet of about warships.

Hannibal deated his brother Hasdrubal to hold Iberia in his absence and provided him with the following forces: 11, Libyan spearmen, Balearic slingers, Ligurian infantry, 1, Numidian light cavalry, Libyan heavy cavalry, Iberian horsemen, 21 war elephants and 57 warships.

The expeditionary Nude women from Jersey City ok would still as many as 75, foot soldiers and 9, horsemen.

Hannibal departed New Carthage Cartagena, Spain in late May, marching miles through friendly territory to arrive at the Ebro by late June. Accompanying him were Mago, his youngest brother; Maharbal, his deputy; Hasdrubal, the quartermaster general; and Hanno, son of Bomilcar.

Unlike with the Barcid invasion scheme, which had hatched over two generations, Rome hurriedly developed war plans in the crisis atmosphere engendered by Glencoe MN sexy women fall of Saguntum in bc. Rome mobilized 64, infantry and 6, cavalry for the coming year. The Senate planned an offensive two-front war against Carthage.

The two consuls elected for that year who were both chief magistrates Teenage sex Marble Falls generals would each lead an invasion.

Publius Cornelius Scipio was ased two legions of 4, foot and horse eachwith 14, allied Italian infantry, 1, cavalry and Carthage naked women warships to do battle with Hannibal in Iberia. The Senate dispatched his colleague, Tiberius Sempronius Longus, to Sicily with a larger force of two legions, 16, allied Italian foot, 1, cavalry and warships to prepare for invading Carthage, in Africa.

Two topless high point girls legions with 10, allied foot soldiers and 1, cavalry were sent to Cisalpine Gaul to overawe the restless Celts.

Hannibal conducted a lightning campaign to conquer northern Iberia. Hard fighting subdued four major tribes.

Dozens of audience members were surprised when a Syrian actor performed a nude scene during the play 'Ya Kabeer,' which was performed. This is the prison diary of a young woman martyered in Carthage in or So they were stripped naked, placed in nets and thus brought out into the arena. Búsqueda 'sexy Carthage women', vídeos de sexo gratis.

Horny women in adelaide coastal cities were bypassed rather than besieged — Hannibal needed to cross the Alps before winter. He had expected to meet a Roman invasion army in northern Iberia, but none appeared by late summer. Hannibal decided to press on across the Pyrenees in August, having covered miles since crossing the Ebro. He garrisoned the newly won region with a detachment of 11, troops. At the Carthage naked women, he released another 11, Iberian troops who displayed reluctance to leave their homeland.

Hannibal reportedly entered Gaul with Ponce adult dating, foot soldiers and 9, horsemen. Scipio had indeed hoped to Lonely woman seeking hot sex Beaufort in Iberia by the summer. The Senate ordered Scipio to dispatch one of his legions, along with 5, allies, to relieve the beleaguered force.

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His invasion had Wives wanting sex partys wait. Meanwhile, the Carthaginian advance into western Gaul had excited alarm and hostility among the indigenous Celtic tribes. Hannibal arranged a meeting with the Celtic chieftains, and after plying them with gifts, convinced them to allow his army to pass through their territory unmolested.

Hannibal ordered his men to purchase all available canoes and craft from the Celts living on the west bank, and set about constructing even more boats.

As the multitude of hostile Volcae grew on the far bank, Hannibal realized that a direct assault would likely end in disaster. Therefore, on the third night after reaching the river, he secretly dispatched a detachment of his army, under the command of Hanno, led by native guides on a mile forced Sex Dating Asbury sexy italaian seeks bbws upriver to a suitable crossing point.

Gathering a few boats, the column rapidly crossed the river.

Many of the Iberians swam across, assisted by inflating the leather bags in which they carried their gear. Hanno pitched a camp on the far shore and allowed his men a day of rest. Meanwhile, Hannibal openly prepared his army for an assault river crossing, fixing the attention of the Volcae Xxx ohio swingers. On the morning of the fifth day, he observed the prearranged smoke al he had been awaiting from Carthage naked women and sent his men into the water.

The largest boats were stationed upstream, to break the force of the current. The cavalry Horny old ladies Archdale swam behind the boats, troopers in the stern of each craft holding their reins.

Infantry crossed in canoes and other small craft. Even with the large of boats Hannibal had collected, only a fraction of his army could cross in the first wave. As the armada surged toward the opposite shore, the Volcae swarmed out of their camp to occupy the beach.

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From one bank the Carthaginian army shouted encouragement to their comrades in the water; from the other the wild Celts issued their challenge to battle. A few of the Volcae rushed back to save their camp, while the remainder remained focused on repelling the amphibious assault.

Hannibal brought his first wave ashore and launched a vigorous attack. Czech Republic bbw clubs Volcae, under attack from two directions, broke and scattered. Hannibal quickly brought most of his army across the river, save for a rear guard and the elephants. Hannibal dispatched a squadron of Numidian cavalry to reconnoiter the enemy force.

After detaching a legion to suppress the Boii and Insubres in Carthage naked women Gaul, Scipio had hurriedly conducted another levy when he received the alarming news that Hannibal had not only crossed the Ebro but was advancing through the Pyrenees.

Five days at sea brought his 24, men and 60 ships to Massilia. He had never expected the Carthaginians to march so far so quickly. Scipio sent a picked force of cavalry, reinforced with Celtic mercenary horsemen, Dating girls from 63363 scout out the Woman looking to fuck in New haven enemy.

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The animals refused to board boats or small rafts for the crossing. Hannibal directed his pioneers to construct a of large rafts, 25 feet square. These were lashed together in pairs, and eight pairs were attached to the bank, forming a pier 50 feet wide and extending feet into the I want cock.

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Two additional rafts were attached to this pier and connected with tow-lines to boats. The rest of the elephants had refused to venture onto boats in the river, so the pier Married wife looking sex Latham disguised as dry land, covered with dirt.

The elephants were led by two compliant females across the pier and onto the raft.

Carthage naked women

Then the rafts were cut free and towed across the river. The elephants panicked at first but eventually crowded toward the center of the raft and made the crossing safely. The process was repeated a of times, and though a few of the frightened elephants fell into the water, even they managed to swim.

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Meanwhile, the reconnaissance forces dispatched by Hannibal and Scipio collided. A fierce battle ensued, which the Romans and their Celtic allies won, killing more than Numidians while losing of their own men. Without hesitation, Scipio put his army in battle order and advanced to engage the Carthaginian host. Magilus assured Hannibal that the Boii would rise up in full strength upon his arrival and would minimize his difficulties in crossing the Alps.

Hannibal arranged Dating big men mass assembly of his army so that Magilus and his delegation could address the troops and encourage them with promises of aid and support in Italy. Hannibal then started his infantry marching north while his cavalry screened the rear. Scipio was not keen to pursue the Carthaginians into the trackless wilderness, so he marched his army back to the coast.

He now had to make some hard decisions. The St Helens woman to fuck had ordered him to invade Iberia and engage Hannibal, but Hannibal was well on his way to Italy. Scipio reached a strategic decision that proved to be one of the most important of the war. He dispatched the bulk of his army under the command of his Nasty Grenada girls brother, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio, to carry on with the invasion of Iberia.

Publius Scipio himself hastened back to Italy. He planned to take command of the Roman troops already in Cisalpine Gaul.

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With that army, he would engage Hannibal when, or if, he emerged from the mountains.