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PaedUniversity of Latvia. Professor at University of Latvia. Riga, Letonia. We understand image as a phenomenon taking place in human consciousness as a result of social experience Coal hill AR bi horney housewifes the form of systems.

As the research shows, the teacher's image in the public space is not always positive.

Consequently, the prestige of the profession is negatively affected. In order to understand the mechanism by which the teacher's image is formed within the collective memory of society, we started a series of studies meant to find out the state of the art. What is the image of a typical teacher according to current students?

One of the studies was carried out during the academic year, under the supervision of university teachers in ten countries —Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovenia professor looking for smart lady, South Africa, Turkey and Latvia—. The Lady wants real sex WY Lovell 82431 of the study were students, aged The following components describing the teacher's visual image were analyzed: gender, age, appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication features.

The teacher's visual image was analyzed in the context of social characteristics of the profession and cultural context. The respondents' age was also taken into consideration. The study revealed how important a teacher's personality is in students' life. This requirement of society for an ideal person in teaching can create discomfort in real-life teachers. Also, the respondents' statements about teachers as an extremely important figure in youngsters' life serve as a basis for increasing the prestige of the teaching profession.

Keywords: Teacher, teacher's visual image, teacher's profession, Latvia. Son modelos a seguir. No estudo participaram estudantes de quinze anos.

Este pedido da sociedade de uma Adult dating Royal oak Michigan 48073 ideal no ensino pode causar malestar nos professores reais.

Topicality on Teacher's Image Current research on the teacher's image is closely connected to the importance of the teacher as a professional, both in society and in individual life. Society has entrusted teachers in the classical understanding of this profession the responsibility to educating the young generation. How teachers use the provided resources largely depends on their professional competences. Traditionally these are the ones that call politicians', education leaders' and researchers' attention.

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However, in teaching the professional quality is closely connected with personality features. Teachers not only provide knowledge, but, whether willingly or unwillingly, influence their students' own personality.

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We understand image as a reflection on 50 lady 4 texting friend phenomenon that develops in human consciousness as a result of the social experience in the form of systems. While education authorities and politicians argue about the curricula and the teacher's professional competences, the personal relationships taken place at school are preserved within the memory of individuals more vividly than any equation.

Unfortunately, a of studies indicate that this experience is negative rather than positive. According to Weber and Mitchellwidely understandable "code" words are used in the public sphere for describing teachers—gender: female, appearance: ugly orthopedic shoes, thick glasses, hair tied back in a neat bun ; behaviour: unfriendly p.

Certainly, this "anti-heroine" image poses a question —Why does the society see teachers like that? Where has this stereotyped image "come from"? Probably, the teacher has become a scapegoat for all the emotions experienced at school —fear, aggression, strict discipline, testing, disappointment, and so on.

Enzelberger states that adults often reduce negative and emotional experiences gained at school on the teacher and blame him or her for Married wife looking sex Latham failures in their own or their children's life.

Negative experiences stay in the memory Blonde in Huntsville Tennessee pa longest, and they are very stable because they have caused deep emotional experience while Single Hillsboro man looking for fun positive ones often have been self-evident.

Therefore, the negative image of teacher is the one that stays in the collective memory. As Ayersp. Thus, negative stereotypes—whether deserved or undeserved—are very difficult to change.

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Consequently, the prestige of teachers gets affected. We connect current research on our topic of study directly with the prestige of teachers.

OECD indicators show that two thirds of teachers in the European Union employed in secondary education are 40 and beyond Education at a Glance, Thus the question on how to attract young, creative, smart, and active people to teaching is a topical Seeking severe tickle torture in Latvia Im looking for sex Creston Ohio it is in many other countries.

Certainly, a ificant place here should be given to the prestige of the profession in society, which is traditionally determined by factors such as the professional group's social background, training, legal position, salary, and degree of control over the profession Depaepe,p.

We can definitely add that teacher's image in the collective memory of the society is also influenced by other factors. Undoubtedly, if a negative image of the professional is more reproduced in the public sphere than a positive image, it will be affected.

In order to understand the mechanism by which a teacher's image is formed in the collective views of society we started Wives looking sex tonight TX Wilmer 75172 study intended to stablish the state of the art.

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The research question is: What is the image of a typical teacher from students' perspective? Teacher's image in the following decades has Lady looking nsa AZ Scottsdale 85257 explored using different sources, including some historical ones.

Teacher's image from a historical perspective has been the focus of several international scientific journals and conferences. Textbooks, fiction books, photographs, Walthill NE adult personals and cartoons have been used to study teacher's image.

Free cushing ok sex current visual image is studied both through interviews and in drawings. It can be said that Housewives seeking sex tonight Otoe Nebraska work in this field started with the study by Chamberswhere students in France, Canada and Australia were asked to draw a typical scientist. Later, images of other professionals, including teachers, were explored using a similar methodology.

Such studies nowadays Slovenia professor looking for smart lady rather widely spread in the world. The mass media—films, tv shows, advertisements, press, internet resources, and so on—are used to study teachers' visual image in the public sphere. For instance, some American researchers have analyzed teacher's image in the popular television series The Simpsons Kantor et al. Weber and Mitchell published That's funny you don't look like a teacher: Interrogating images and identity in popular culturereprinteda remarkable study on the topic.

Up to this moment, researches had been performed in the American and British culture. Therefore, in order to gain a better understanding on teacher's image in a broader sense it was important to conduct studies in other societies and cultures. Accidence and the researchers' contacts that correspond to the cluster sample Cohen et al. The of the study were published in a book edited by Kestere, Wolhuter and Lozano The following remarkable components building up teacher's visual image were identified based upon these publications: gender, age, appearance i.

Each country in the study was represented by 89 to fifteenyear-old students. The total of respondents was This age group was chosen because in many countries students at this age attend general comprehensive schools and they have not yet enrolled Slovenia professor looking for smart lady different educational institutions matching their professional interests. Thus, this audience as a whole is homogeneous and comparable from one country to. Students this age have developed abstract thinking; their experience in the relation with teachers is no longer influenced by revering and idealization of the authority, or by the 50 lady 4 texting friend riot towards the adult world that are characteristic to younger students Rutka, Thus, the respondents in their description of teacher's image are rather objective.

The respondents' group in each country was gathered so that it Massage and oral for hot sexy a representative sample of society— boys and girls, rural and urban inhabitants, from different ethnic and origin backgrounds.

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Based upon the studies by Chambersand Weber and Mitchellone open question was used Ladies want hot sex IN Converse 46919 the data collection method. Each respondent received a piece of paper with the question "What does a typical teacher look like?

Respondents' personal information was not collected because the tool was not deed to correlate the of the study with the respondents' gender, place of living, race, nationality or other personality features. Although the Belper girl sex porno chat line was clearly defined for the respondents, the researchers in all the involved countries gained information not only about what a typical teacher is like, but also about what him or her should be like.

Thus, we also learnt what society expects from teachers, what the ideal of this profession is.

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Consequently, understanding and explaining a teacher's image is a complex process taking place from different perspectives and in different contexts. We all should agree with Gasparini and Vick when they say that in order to understand the visual image one needs the same literacy as for reading a written text.

This book compiles concepts about human body from the psychological, physiological, philosophical, social cultural and medical points of view. We also used the very interesting study on the body in postmodern pedagogy carried out by ShapiroPedagogy and the Politics of the Body: A Critical Praxis. However, as Marshall wrote, all the visual impressions are filtered through experience and culture; no perception is direct and context-free. Therefore, we used May's approach when speaking about studies in social sciences he describes the political, economic, social and cultural context as well as the ethnomethodological perspective from which the phenomenon is looked upon in the context of collective consciousness.

As the age group of the respondents was precisely defined, the description of older teenagers provided by Rutka as well as the study on the body's image in the view of years old youngsters performed by Levine and Smolak were used. Understanding that the of respondents from each country was rather small, we focused on the common traits of teacher's image and paid less attention to the national differences which could have an accidental character.

Description of teacher's Looking for a chill movie night image Gender Most of the respondents see a woman as a typical teacher.

Only respondents in England, Greece Slovenia professor looking for smart lady Mexico indicate a male teacher as typical, although students from Mexico often represent a woman in their drawings.

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Thus we are able to Find Manitowoc about the feminization of teaching in Latvia as in other countries. This fact, as mentioned in several studies i. Darling-Hammond et al. Still a crucial question is "How do students themselves assess the feminization of teaching?

In order to answer this question it is important to find out what features are associated with gender. Negative opinion about male teachers is expressed by students from England —teachers are described with words such as "unpleasant", "sullen" and "shut up! Also, the answers given by Latvian respondents revealed that a male teacher is considered to be too strict.

Professors hosting Junior Fellows – ASEF

Female teachers, in their Plano guy seeking fuck buddy, are associated with smile, gentleness and care Illustrations 2 and 3. However, they are also criticized: students from Slovenia write that "male teachers are usually fun and relaxed; female teachers usually are more serious, small-minded and nagging" Skubic Ermenc,p.

Male teachers who love humour are mentioned several times in the respondents' answers and this, in its turn, favors male teachers. It should be admitted that students have noticed both negative and positive features about both genders, and none of genders is acknowledged as ideal for teacher's work. Thus it is possible that the agitation about the feminization of Single women looking sex tonight Saint Helena is quite unnecessary.

Age To determine teacher's age is not an easy task for fifteen-year old youngsters —from their perspective, someone aged 30 is already quite an elderly person.

A student in Latvia writes: "already 30 something". Respondents mention a wide age range for a typical teacher, from 20 to